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How to join: Read this before posting anything!

Post by xRoHxDarKmauL on March 24th 2007, 00:12

Hello guest,

Do you have the insanity, looniness, and the beaver within you to become a RoH?

If you think so, then please read these rules carefully:

The Rules
You must:

  • Be a good all-around player
  • Be active
  • Be extremely cool (like the almighty Wormiverse)
  • Have team spirit

The Tryout
First we want to see if you are good enough. If you're a beginner to Worms, we might as well recruit you, if you are willing to learn and improve yourself. Thereafter we want to learn you better to know. Maybe we won't like you, and maybe you realize you don't like us.

The tryout will take about one week. So if you really don't have patience to wait for this, and/or we're just some random clan you want to join, then please don't post. Do only post if you're really interested in becoming a RoH. Also, tell us why you want to become a part us, too! Very Happy

And please don't post, and then never come back to the forum again...

When we've learnt you better to know (the leaders and recruiters mainly), we will vote if we want you in or not. If there are more yes'es than no's then it's ok, you are in, otherwise no. Razz

You're more than welcome to contact us through IRC. Our channel name is #RoH. Read here for more information.

When you post, please confirm clearly that you have read and understood this, else your apply might be ignored!

RoH Leader

Last updated: October 20th, 2011.

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