These are the current members of RoH. In the aggregate, we are 16.

Location Name Rank Member since Activity?
France DarkmaulDarkmaul

Nick name: Darkmaul
Age: 23
In Worms since: 2006
Member since: Mar 2007
Biggest achievement: Creating RoH. ;)
Leader, Founder Mar 2007
Denmark WormiverseWormiverse

Nick name: Wormiverse
Age: 21
In Worms since: 2000 (online 2003)
Member since: Mar 2007
Occupation: Studying
Music: Electronic; (Classic) Trance, Ambient, IDM, Downtempo, Breakbeat, 80's stuff, ...
Biggest achievement: Feeding beavers and farts.
Co-Leader Mar 2007
Brazil CamperCamper

Real name: Felipe
Age: 19
In Worms since: Nov. 2008
Member since: 2012
Occupation: Studying
Biggest achievement: Being born out of an asshole.
Recruiter Aug 2012
Italy Casso Recruiter Jul 2012

Real name: Jan
Age: 35
In Worms since: 2006
Member since: Mar 2007
Biggest achievement: Leguan
Recruiter Mar 2007
Greece DesetroyahDesetroyah

Nick name: Desetroyah
Age: 25
In Worms since: Dec 2009
Member since: May 2010
Biggest achievement: Ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive.
Recruiter May 2010
Poland Dulek Recruiter Aug 2012
Spain Lales Recruiter May 2010
Poland LacosteLacoste

Real name: Dawid
Age: 26
In Worms since: 2009
Member since: 2010
Occupation: Gravedigger
Biggest achievement: Nothing.
Recruiter Aug 2010
Slovenia Rok Recruiter Oct 2007
Poland VanVan

Nick name: Van
Age: 22
In Worms since: 2006
Member since: Jul 2007
Biggest achievement: Farting.
Recruiter Jul 2007
France Antho Member -
Canada Dub-c Member Mar 2013
France Messir Member Jan 2008
Poland r3spect Member Jul 2012
Poland xLo Member Mar 2012

Honorary Members

Members who either no longer play or are scarcely seen. Many of them have been close friends to us.

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